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Seeking A Source Of Low-Carbon Calcium Hydroxide


DeepScience Ltd.



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Desired Outcome:

We are sourcing a long-term supply of calcium hydroxide made by low-carbon means, such as through electrochemical methods, for use within the United States and possibly also elsewhere. The quantity we need at the moment is not large, but has the potential to grow to multiple metric tons as the usage of small-scale carbon capture devices grows.

Detailed Description And Evaluation Criteria


We would like to source calcium hydroxide from a low-carbon manufacturing process for use in

multiple small-scale carbon capture devices.


If all the requirements below are met, we will then score proposals based on the following formula:

(kg calcium hydroxide) / (carbon footprint * price per kg)

We will contact those suppliers that maximize this score to discuss further details.


•  Calcium hydroxide must be greater than 90% purity

•  The impure fraction must not contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals; if calcium hydroxide

is derived from waste alkalinity sources, these co-occurring products must be screened out of the

final product

•  All proposals should mention an estimate of the carbon footprint of the process used to generate

calcium hydroxide, in units of kg CO2 per kg calcium hydroxide.

•  All proposals should also mention the price per kg of calcium hydroxide.

•  If your company or organization is outside the United States, please also include a description

of how you might enable supply within the United States, and include estimates of cost and carbon

footprint for doing so.


Discarded Solutions


•  Calcium hydroxide made from calcium oxide that has been produced by calcination will not meet

our criteria because it is not a low-carbon source.

•  Calcium hydroxide bought at a hardware store or made from cement bought at a hardware store

without proof that these were derived from a low-carbon source

•  Possible Solution Areas



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