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Research has shown that gamification, i.e., adding game elements/mechanics into a traditional non-game environment would motivate employees and in turn drive greater performance and productivity. Game mechanics make the goals clearer and employee performance more transparent. Gamification would allow employees to receive immediate feedback, and benchmark their performance against their peers.

Given the above benefits, the technology seeker, who is a multinational company providing energy and automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability, intends to start a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project at one of its distribution centers - partnering with a technology owner to design and develop a gamification software application that introduces the following into existing warehouse inbound and outbound tasks:

•  Game mechanics: rules and rewards (e.g. points, levels, missions, leaderboards, badges, and progress)

•  Game dynamics: which illicit a set of emotions, behaviors, and desires resulting from the aforementioned game mechanics (e.g. competition through leaderboards, collaboration through completing team missions, sense of community, desire to earn and collect unique badges, and surprises by unlocking new missions)

Additionally, the following are also desirable:

•  Option for an employee to mask his/her identity (e.g. employee-defined username)

•  Operational workflow error checking if the application is also used for task execution

•  Analytics dashboard for an administrator to analyse the performance

•  Option for an administrator to turn on or off individual game elements


The game application needs to be connected to the tech seeker's warehouse management system (WMS) to either:

1) retrieve tasks (known as Transfer Order) and provide confirmation upon completion of the task (i.e. the application has a singular interface for both task execution and performance display); or

2) retrieve information about the completed tasks to compute and display the performance (i.e. the application is solely used for performance display)

It should also fulfill the following technical requirements:

•  Compliance with all cybersecurity requirements at the tech seeker side

•  Android-based application (mandatory), additional iOS capability application is a plus

•  Real-time connection to SAP WMS (via Electronic Data Interchange)

•  AI/ML modeling to further optimize the picking and putaway process (optional)

•  5G solution on private cloud (optional)

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